What is Better Financial Counseling Network?

We don’t use Better in our name because we think we are Better, although we do think we are Better. We want you to have Better Living through Better Finances and we can help you do that. We can help with your immediate money challenges, create a plan to achieve your goals, and build a foundation for long-term financial well-being. We get joy from helping people help themselves and get to the place where they do have the Better Living and we appreciate it when you share such an important part of your lives with us. So, explore our website, https://betterfinancialcounseling.com/ and please reach out if you would like to include us in your money journey.

We are a network of independent and accredited personal financial counselors. All of us hold the AFC® which is an accreditation provided from AFCPE®, the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education®. AFCPE® is a non-profit organization that sets the standard in personal finance and has done so for over 35 years. The AFC® isn’t just a certification that someone made up after getting themselves out of debt, but rather was developed by many people with experience in personal finance – working with people like you- and based on solid academic research.

We only have experienced personal financial counselors in our network. While we each have our own personal experience with finances and we are all making our own money journey just like you, we also have worked with others and helped them with their money journey. While every financial situation is unique, experience and knowledge provide a strong foundation to figure out what actions are appropriate. With our network you can choose which one of us seems to fit you best. Meet Us

If you aren’t sure who to choose we can help you sort that out. Answer the questions in this brief Financial Survey – Better Financial Counseling Network and we’ll select a counselor for you.  Another benefit of our network is that if one of us does come across something we aren’t quite sure how to approach, we have our peers to help us sort that out. By choosing one of our counselors you get a broader base of knowledge than you do from choosing an individual who doesn’t have that network of support.

Gerald Zeigler, AFC®, EA

Contact Us. Contact – Better Financial Counseling Network Our personal financial counselors will meet with you virtually to create a plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Each of our counselors is an Accredited Financial Counselor, whose purpose is to inform, educate and guide. We do not sell products.


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