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Your Money: Why get an Accredited Financial Counselor Involved in your Finances?

What you should know: As an accredited financial counselor myself, I am a bit biased on this topic.  However, the answer as to whether or not you should speak to a financial counselor happens to be my favorite two-word personal finance answer: it depends. 

It depends on where you are in life, if there are any choices you need to make, if there is any information you need, and if you even want assistance. 

Here are three good reasons to speak with one of us.

1)     Life changes. It can make sense to try to get unbiased information from a professional when life events happen or are expected to happen. Take home buying as an example. We don’t just know what we learned from personal experience or whatever our realtor cousin has to say about home buying. We also know information about home buying from professional training and from experience working with a myriad of clients. We’ve seen good and bad results from home buying. We can help you be prepared for it and avoid problems.  Also, unlike a realtor, mortgage lender/ broker, or title agent, we don’t benefit financially from your home choice one way or the other.  So, we are able to help you see the financial pros and cons of choices and advise on how a decision today will likely impact your future financial position.  The decision is always yours.

2)  You are living with financial uncertainty. Have you ever made decisions and you weren’t sure if you really had enough information? We help people make financial choices and part of that is to try to make sure you are armed with enough information to make those choices. Have you ever thought “I wish someone had told me about …” after a decision didn’t turn out the way you expected? Well, when it comes to financial decisions, WE are that someone. Accredited Financial Counselors help our clients consider potential pitfalls and work with clients to avoid those pitfalls.

3)  You want to get to somewhere different than where you are now. When you are struggling with debt, that is an obvious time to meet with a financial counselor. But maybe you… 

  • want to confirm that your plan to get to your better place is the best plan for you.
  • have specific questions about how to budget.
  • want financial counseling as a couple to help you reach your financial goals.
  • need help understanding options for funding college and their long-term impacts.  
  • look forward to retirement and want to make sure you are on track. 
  • want to confirm that your money is working the way you expect it to work. 

If any of these reasons fit you, consider reaching out to us.  

A simple, free consultation call: Speaking with one of the accredited financial counselors in the Better Financial Counseling Network is as simple as requesting a free consultation call.  That call allows you, and us, to see if we are a good fit to assist you in reaching your financial goals.


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